Aleppey Livestock

According to the livestock census held in 1987, there were 294596 heads of cattle and 1290625 poultry including fowls, ducks, etc. There is a District Veterinary centre. There are 97 veterinary institutions including 9 hospitals, 30 dispensaries, 6 polyclinics and 2 artificial insemination centres in this district.

An artificial insemination centre to improve cattle breed and a Diary Extension Unit to improve the steady supply of nutritious milk functioning at Mavelikkara are the important institutions run by the Government. The Central Hatchery at Chengannur is the major hatchery in the State. Poultry Training Institute and Chick Sexing School are also functioning in this district.

Having a long sea-cost of 82 km in length, this district has the benefit of immense wealth of marine fish landings; the Vembanad and Kayamkulam backwaters and the network of rivers and canals also enrich the inland fishing. 14.2% of the marine fishermen and 27% of inland fishermen of the State live in this district. .Sardines, cat fishes, pomfish, leiognathus, etc. are the other kinds of fish being brought to the coast from the sea.