Alappuzha, Kerala, India   
Welcome to Greenwalk Riverineresort, Allepey-Alappuzha, Kerala, India

RIVERINE RESORT The enchanting beauty on the ever green banks of Pamba, is a traditional property nurtured by the fore fathers of Kavalackal family –an age-old family in Kerala. RIVERINE belongs to Alappuzha district.

The land situated in a picturesque surrounding with- all beauty of Kerala - Coconut palm plantations, paddy fields, backwaters & canals. The resort which is 'far from the madding crowd' soothes the body and soul with all the simplicity and blessings of a typical Kerala village.

Accommodation at Greenwalk Riverineresort, Allepey -Alappuzha, Kerala, India

Riverine Resort is highly eco friendly and designed so as to enhance the natural beauty that surrounds it. The amenities that are seeped in aesthetic beauty, convenience, and international standards, compliment and harmoniously blind with the social, cultural and physical environment of Kerala. The tourist will ever cherish the enjoyment they get in houseboat trip between Alleppey and Resort. The concept of value added eco- friendly tourism which will be a package filled with fun, knowledge, entertainment, Kerala culture and hospitality.

Comfort of the guests has been the pre-dominant thought in the design of the interiors. The colour pattern is soft and yet eye-catching. The interiors of the cottages are in keeping with the native way of doing up homes.Wood furniture together with brass ware serve to heighten this feel.


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